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             what to pack for costa rica rainy season

The scorching heat in summer is excruciating. In this intense heat, thirst is extreme, and the mouth remains dry because the body sweats a lot through the water. In such low heat, every person gets worried. Drinking drinks in hot weather not only reduces the effect of heat but also restores the body's energy because the drinks contain sweetness. During this season, lemon water is prepared by adding sugar, salt, and small pieces of ice and mint to a drink called Skanjabean. Anyone in a few minutes can prepare this drink.

After the summer, when the rainy season comes in July and August, the rainy season is severe.

Sweating causes clothes to stick to the body.

The sweat does not take the name of dryness. The heart begins to panic and sink. The digestive system becomes weak. This season, drinking skanjbean reduces heat intensity and becomes an excellent work and combustion tool. This is why people in our country have been drinking skanjbean with great pleasure in summer and the rainy season. Compared to artificially flavored drinks, this natural drink has excellent effects on health. This drink is included in our tradition and culture. It is not a very expensive drink, but a cheap drink that everyone can easily prepare at home. It is a very healthy drink. Consider that 100 grams of skanjbean contain many beneficial ingredients, such as calories (calories) 69, Cholesterol 0, starch 10 percent, fiber 89 grams, proteins (proteins) 14 grams, vitamin C (vitamin C) 366 milligrams, Potassium 138 mg, calcium 656 mg, folate 3%, and copper 20 mg.

Lemon sanjabin keeps the digestive system healthy. The stomach is usually affected early in the rainy season; sanjabin is an effective remedy. It is also helpful in eliminating acidity and indigestion. sanjabin makes heavy foods digestible. And it also removes stomach inflammation. Drinking it cleans the kidneys. Kidneys normalize high blood pressure. It is very beneficial for the health of our skin because it is rich in vitamins. In addition, nature has put the property in mint, relieving depression and anxiety. Suppose it is added to skanjabin and drunk. In that case, the respiratory problem is removed, and the anti-bacterial properties are also activated in the body, which protects the body from the attack of diseases. Malaria epidemics are common in our country during the rainy season. Scinjabin has proved to be very effective in getting rid of this epidemic. Scinjabin also works as an excellent medicine for bilious fever. If jaundice patients drink Scinjabin daily, they will benefit a lot. Yes. We should encourage children to consume natural and beneficial health drinks like skanjbean instead of artificial drinks during the rainy season because this drink has excellent effects on health in the rainy season.

what to wear in costa rica rainy season
what to wear in costa rica rainy season

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