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Applying garlic water on the scalp eliminates head lice.

Mixing ground alum in rose water and applying it to the face for half an hour at night makes the face soft, delicate, and fresh and the spots also go away.

Eating radish speeds up bowel movements and thus relieves constipation.

Drinking a little bit of thick beetroot water of beetroot daily in a patient with gallstones removes the gallstones in a few weeks.

Eating the right amount of onions daily makes the face red and white.

If a person is vomiting repeatedly, then licking the lemons with black salt eliminates this condition.

If there is too much salt in the curry, put a piece of clean white paper in the curry, the paper will absorb the salt.

To get rid of high blood pressure, grind turmeric, fennel, and glucose by weight and take one teaspoon daily in the morning and shortly before going to bed at night.

There is no better medicine for intestinal strength than olive oil, adding a few drops of it to milk daily strengthens the intestines.

If garlic needs to be peeled quickly, soak it in hot water for ten minutes, then peel it and the peel will come off.

Women who are worried about the lack of days should drink mint juice or mint tea, this problem will go away.

If a person suffers from a cough, he can get rid of the cough by grinding large cardamom and eating it with water in the morning and evening.

Drinking a cup of cow's milk daily is very beneficial for the health of hair, nails, teeth, and eyes.

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