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Allah Almighty has placed innumerable benefits in sugarcane. When the heart starts to sink in the summer season, the heartbeat becomes more or less; sugarcane is very useful in such cases. Sprinkle with rose water and place the plate in the dew overnight. Then in the morning, they would suck the hooligans. They would have benefited a lot from these hooligans.
Sucking rhinos also removes irritability and anger caused by the disease. I have seen a few people with small pea-like bumps on their bodies. Because of these bumps and bumps, their body is more significant. He looked ugly. He recovered completely in ten days a week when he was fed three grams of halal yellow powder mixed with a glass of fresh sugarcane juice.

This harmless treatment restored his health, brightened his face, and made him disappear.
A visitor was admitted to the cardiology ward. One day I went to see him. He was in bad condition. He was not even spoken to because of his recovery. Can I drink sugarcane juice? After getting the answer in the affirmative, I immediately brought sugarcane juice and gave them a spoonful of water.
He was able to talk in five to ten minutes and said, "Give me some juice and laddo; I feel the energy inside me."
If someone's throat gets sore and no sound is heard in the villages, the people there press a piece of sugarcane in hot ashes and, after ten minutes, take it out, peel it, and suck the affected person.
After a while, his voice opens up. People who do not feel hungry do not belch; if they suck five or seven rhinoceroses after eating, then the belch will come clean and cheerful by sucking rhinoceros gums and exercise. It also happens. Boys and girls who have a fever in their body, hands, and feet are burning; the heart does not want to work, restlessness and anger in the mood, ready to fight and die all the time, And if you suck for a few days in the evening, all these adverse conditions will disappear.
Their heart will be absorbed in reading, and the liver's heat will also go away.
Fragile women can't stand the heat, feel dizzy and can't do any work, and don't feel hungry; even if they start sucking hooligans, all their problems will end in a week and a half. 
Sugarcane juice is being prescribed for jaundice, not from today but year to year. It is very beneficial for jaundice. In addition, sugarcane juice removes old complaints of constipation and urination. It comes open. If someone has a stomach upset or diarrhea starts bleeding, mix a glass of sugarcane juice with 20 grams of pomegranate juice and drink it after one hour.
Liver patients benefit significantly if they drink a glass of sugarcane juice daily, and if they suck on rhinoceroses daily, they help quickly. In addition to iron, calcium, and manganese, sugarcane also contains vitamins B and C (B and C). Sugarcane strengthens the heart and relieves physical weakness. People with bad breath and phlegm should avoid eating sugarcane. Similarly, sugarcane damages the lungs of older people, so they should not overeat.
Sugarcane makes red (the thin syrup that remains when making gar is called rab). It relieves physical and nervous fatigue and back and joint pain. It clears the blood; hence eczema, goiter, and The boils disappear. Varicose veins of the shins disappear after drinking Rob for a few weeks.
In addition, chronic joint pain is also eliminated. In addition to feeding rubbings to patients with inflammatory skin, it is also very beneficial to wash the affected part by mixing water in the rubbish. For those who have a weak heart, Rob is a tonic. Fresh sugarcane gives instant strength to the core. People who suck sugarcane do not have bad teeth. Rob is a dark black liquid containing iron and calcium, so Drinking also cures anemia.
Sugarcane juice is drunk and is mainly used to make sugar. Sugarcane juice is also helpful in urinary incontinence. Yes, it increases weight. Nature has healing effects in sugarcane, you should not take it lightly, take full advantage of it, but people with diabetes should avoid it.

Treasure of Health
Treasure of Health 
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