Problems of Infertility || Can abortion cause blocked fallopian tubes || In vitro fertilization ethical issues

According to a conventional estimation, almost 15% of partners worldwide do not become parents within a year, while 25 to 30% of married couples suffer from infertility issues. There are four. The people of Pakistan are in a similar situation.

This problem is not limited to women but can affect one or both.

40-30% of men are the cause of infertility, and 70-60% are the cause of women, while 10 to 20% include both. Infertility is not incurable; treatment is possible if the cause is discovered.

If the pregnancy is not declared for one year after marriage, it becomes a matter of concern. In this regard, the couple should consult a doctor.

If a woman is 30 years old, this age is best for giving birth to a child.

A woman's ovaries naturally have a good number of reproductive eggs, which do not increase, but their numbers begin to decrease as they get older. A baby in the mother's womb for 20 weeks

has 5 to 7 million eggs. This is the excessive number of eggs that a mother has.

At this stage, the ovaries begin to disappear.

Then at the birth of a child, their number is reduced to 10 to 20 million.

When a woman reaches the age of 40, only 3% of the eggs are left, and at the age of 51, when a woman begins to ejaculate, the number of eggs is reduced to 100. These eggs naturally disappear each month. The duration of ovulation may be more or less.

Therefore, if a woman has a problem with infertility at 25, she should consult a specialist. If she goes to a general practitioner, she wastes her time after reaching 40. Its reproductive organs are lost in large numbers, and their reproductive quality is reduced, resulting in the baby being born with defects or miscarriage.

In addition, there are many reasons for miscarriage. If these things are considered, then this confusion can be rid of in the future. Defects are detected by ultrasound.

Similarly, in the past, complaints of infertility were also raised, but these issues were commonplace in those days.

People attributed it to bad luck. As time progressed and technology advanced, the cure for infertility was discovered. It became known that smoking increased the risk of infertility due to smoking and lifestyle changes. Obesity, thyroid gland problems, and stress are also causes of this. When the stress increases, the production of reproductive material stops.

Remember that a woman's reproductive ovaries begin to decline at age 30, and her chances of becoming a mother disappear at age 40. Sometimes it happens that the eggs are in the right amount. But women cannot become mothers. The reason is that their hormones deteriorate, so the specialist doctors correct this defect, thus increasing ovaries' production.

About 30% of men do not have an active reproductive system, and their amount is reduced. Hence, a special treatment called "IUI" allows a large amount of reproductive material to enter the vagina. This treatment method is tried where the reproductive material is not active or regular.

In addition, another treatment called "IVF" involves taking a woman's reproductive ovaries and mixing them with a man's reproductive material in a laboratory. This process produces the embryo (embryo), which the germs place in the incubator for three to five days. The fetus is then placed in the woman's vagina. Even if she does not become pregnant this way, the third method is "ICSI."

In this, the reproductive material in the reproductive ovum is transferred directly to the vagina with the help of a syringe for enlargement.

Many of these methods involve vaccinations and tests, so women also must endure the pain of becoming a mother.

Problems of Infertility
Problems of Infertility
 - what percentage of infertility problems are with the male

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